My Essential Oil Journey

My story behind discovering Young Living Essential Oils is a pretty common one. Over the years I noticed I was having more and more reactions to beauty products, fragrances and finally cleaning products. From itchy under arms from certain deodorants to full on red, painful rashes from synthetic fragrance perfumes. It led me to taking the “3 cabinet challenge“. I encourage absolutely everyone to do this!! First download an app called Think Dirty (or you can google each of the ingredients – but it does take much longer!) Pick any three cabinets in your house and pick up a few products in there. Scan them and see what rating they are given.

It was eye opening to say the least. I picked my laundry cupboard and was horrified by my dryer sheets and overly scented fabric softener and detergents. I took a look in my medicine cabinet and never wanted to put my not-even-cheap-brand moisturizer on ever again. And I investigated my toxic floor cleaners and dish soaps under my kitchen sink. I was putting these incredibly harmful, toxic products on my floors, furniture, clothing and directly on my skin but thinking that because I wasn’t ingesting it or standing above a large bucket of it breathing in fumes, I wasn’t exposing myself to it.

We interact with many toxic, harmful things in our environments every day – at the very least our homes should be a refuge. In comes Young Living. I was already a firm believer that food is medicine – but was about to learn just how right that is! Essential oils are so concentrated, one drop is between 1 tsp and 1 TBSP of freshly ground spice. That is an awful lot of oregano in your pasta sauce, but not so much for a gel tab! But that is just the very beginning.

It is because of that high level of concentration that I only use Young Living Oils. There may be other essential oil companies out there – but I urge you to do your research before you purchase and definitely before you ingest. The purity of Young Living Oils, the business ethics with which they run their farms and work with their partners (including the Earth itself) are to the same high standards I hold my food producers to. Their Seed to Seal Program is unrivalled. 

I started with a Premium Starter Kit. Think of it as your basic pantry. These are the most used oils that apply to the majority of situations in your life. From cleaning to emotional support, beauty products to pet care, nutritional boosts to libido enhancing – these oils do it all! It is also the only item on the Young Living site that is half off and I’m nothing if not frugal. Plus, at the time I was sceptical that they would work at all. I’ve never been so happy to be so wrong!

Time and time again, I would have something I would be about to reach for a pill, a salve, a toxic air freshener, a cleaner covered in skull and crossbones or a cup of coffee to fix – and I would stop myself and head to my collection of oils. 9  times out of 10, after a quick research google, the oil I selected would fix the issue and I would be in awe of how well it worked (and smelled!). The other time, I would have another oil option that would work better for me the next time.

As I learn and grow and discover more benefits to essential oils I want to share with you how, for what, why and where my family and I use all of these incredible, natural products. If you are inspired to start your journey along with me I would really appreciate if you used this link to order your Young Living Premium Starter Kit. Full disclosure I get paid for each kit purchased – if you would like to learn how you can do that as well, email me!

Photo by Jennifer Pershick