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If it has been a little while since you have visited Cardamom & Cloves, you will notice things are a little different around here. I have absolutely adored running Ottawa’s favourite spice shop for the past 5 years! But, as life often does, a perfect storm of set backs and opportunity was sent my way. In the end, the choice that was best for my family and myself was to set aside the spice retail side of Cardamom & Cloves and focus on the community side. Getting to know all of you and share my love of herbs and spices is still the best part of my day! All this while running a home daycare to give my little Spice Baby (really now a Spice Toddler) a chance to grow her communication skills.

Photo by Jennifer Pershick

So where do you get spices, herbs and essential oils now? Follow this list of favourite suppliers.
What about Cardamom & Cloves blends?? There will be an e-book available soon with all the recipes so you can blend them fresh, to order and 100% to your taste at home!

This site will now not only be a place where you can get fabulous, easy, flavourful recipes – but there will be a lot more tips, tricks and spice education overall! And a big huge part of this is including essential oils. Intensely concentrated spices, herbs and plants – essential oils are the perfect complement to your natural living lifestyle. They can help you live a healthier, toxin free life. For my family, the journey to essential oils started with itchy underarms and a whole lot of google searches – to read all about it click here!

I hope you enjoy and love the new site and find all kinds of amazing spicy information here.

Love and Spices!
Head Spice Maven, Cardamom & Cloves

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    • All of our spice blends are gluten free – however they are not made in a gluten free facility and cross contamination is always a concern. However the blends are made without any fillers or additives only spices and herbs.


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