Happier – The One Coin Loophole

I’m relatively new to the world of podcasts. For the last year or so I’ve been burning through all kinds of them in an effort to watch a bit less TV, and also to have something to listen to that isn’t the Wiggles. It is such a treat to find a new fabulous show that has a few years of back catalogue and is still making new shows. That’s just what I have found with the show Happier with Gretchen Rubin.

About a day after I published my post Bit by Bit, Happier was recommend on my all time favourite podcast My Favorite Murder. A few minutes in Gretchen and her sister Liz are explaining The One Coin Loophole and articulating my thoughts in a way I never would have strung the words together. Broken down to its most basic form, the one coin loophole works like this: Are you rich if you are given one coin? Most people would say no. What if you are given another? One more? Ten more?

Eventually you will have a pile of coins. At some arbitrary point, one more coin will be added to the pile and you will say – NOW I’m rich! If you look at the growing pile vs. staying focused on the single coin. I’ve made it. And that is the way habits work. Every day you eat within your calorie limit, and eventually it adds up to weight loss. Each week you make sure to learn and use a new word and after a while you have an improved vocabulary. The little stuff adds up and that’s exactly how I feel challenging myself bit by bit, a little at a time.

But they also reminded me of this very important flip side to bit by bit, or the one coin loophole, and that is that it works in reverse as well. Lately I’ve been so happy for reaching my weight loss goals and I’ve been “rewarding” myself more often and maybe not monitoring my calorie count as diligently as possible. This is a slippery slope that leads to bad habits. It’s unfair that these little bits seem to add up faster and easier than good habits, but such is life.

This podcast is FULL of amazing “try this at home” tips, interesting behavioural science information that helps you to know yourself and those around you better. I can’t wait to dive in and get making some newly inspired changes. Today my new notebook arrived for my one line journal. Just one line about the most memorable part of my day. That’s enough to look back on, and is an amount I would actually keep up with.

When I find other tasks that really resonate with me, I’ll pass them along. In the meantime, give Happier a listen and get ready to know yourself better.

Love & Spices,

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  1. Maybe I’m blind but would be nice if you had a phone number on your website


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