Bit by Bit – Tiny Habits, Big Changes

Bit by bit is a personal slogan of mine. It’s something I started saying to myself at the hardest point of my most recent, and sadly most severe, depressive episode. It was the idea that every little bit is better than nothing. And that if you can get yourself to do the smallest bit, then it becomes habit and you can build and add the next step forward.

Talking to your doctor and finding medication that helps sometimes feels very passive when you are struggling, but that is a big piece of the puzzle. Building on the other things you are able to accomplish helps show progress that sometime a pill and a therapy session cannot.

I have high functioning depression – which means I can generally get stuff done and for the most part convincingly put on a show and hide that depression. It’s something that I developed in my early 20’s after a life time of mood and anxiety disorders. So for me, bit by bit was more of a mental exercise (let’s find three things that make you grateful today) than a physical task list. But some days it was that too. Just get up and get the baby ready, if you happen to find energy for a shower cool – if not, baby wipes!

Bit by bit, as I climb out of this – I get more open about talking about it. One day there will be more extensive posts, but for now this touches that vulnerable nerve and I get all anxiety riddled about pressing Publish.

But I’m here to say it helps! Little by little, my days are getting brighter and I’m starting to use this idea to reach all kinds of personal goals. I want to be a greener person, so I’m always looking for quick and easy changes to lessen my family’s environmental impact. I want to be a happier person, so I’m taking time to find out what that looks like. I want to be a healthier person, so I’m working on that a little at a time. Something as small as trying a new vegetable dish once a week has given me a couple of new favourite, healthy meals that my family loves.

It’s a very small mindset change. But generally, if I find a task feels just too big to handle or even start. Breaking it down to very tiny, manageable things helps me make progress. Sometimes I even write every single little task down just for that satisfaction of crossing it off the list. That little check, made the difference in days of how quickly I was able to finish orders when I was low.

But it’s not just tasks I’m trying to accomplish while dealing with mental health, it’s making real changes I for some reason have a hard time doing. Like remembering my reusable bags, cups and straws. I own them!! And for years I still never used them. It took me bringing them out to the car, and walking myself back to said car when I left them in there… yes, even with the baby, before it became a habit. Now I’d say I’m up to 7 out of 10 visits and bit by bit I’ll get to 9. I’m getting better, but I’m not delusional.

If you have made it this far in the post, thanks for letting me share. If you ever feel like you need to, I’m only an email or direct message away. I can only offer a non judgemental ear – but it’s all yours.

Love and Spices,

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