Less is More

Ok. So you just read my post about toxic laundry products and now you are freaking out a little. Maybe you are more like I was and are freaking out a lot, realising that you have been exposing yourself to hundreds of seriously health affecting chemicals for years and didn’t even know it. Don’t worry – every journey starts with a first step and this is yours!

Also, that first step is a doozie. You put your trust in something that SHOULD be safe. Why should you need to do all kinds of research just to shop for cleaning products? Sadly, it’s just the world we live in. Big companies that make said products are more interested in using cheaper ingredients, so long as you can’t directly tie your illness or symptoms back to them. Buy products you trust.

I spent months reading articles and summaries of studies and little info-graphics. A whole lot of problems and not a lot of solutions. What were products I could trust? And once I found them could I afford them?? The big box stores are full of products that claim to be “Green” (a word that has lost all meaning with me). But most times these products are still brought to you by the Nestle and Proctor and Gambles of the world that might make this one product without harmful chemicals, but are doing all kinds of really shady stuff with other product lines around the world. And quite honestly – screw that. I’m not supporting organisations like those with my money and the world would be a better place if no one did.

Also I’m sure you are asking, what this all has to do with spices??

Well, did you know that many spices are naturally antibacterial? Spices were often used as preservatives, not just flavour enhancers. In the 14th century, when a house contracted the plague they would be quarantined inside their homes with the doors marked so no one would enter and become infected. Robbers would wear masks covered in the oil of cinnamon, cloves, rosemary, lemon and eucalyptus that would allow them to enter the homes once the family inside had died and clear it of any valuables. This blend became known as Thieves.

Thieves oil is something I could never live without. It supports my immune system to keep nasty bugs at bay, it is the base of all my cleaning/disinfecting sprays for the daycare and it smells amazing. Like a warm, spicy, comforting hug. It also is the powerhouse behind Young Living’s Thieves Cleaner Line. There is a lot to get into with Thieves (I am planning a whole online class about the 350 different uses for Thieves!) but let’s focus on the laundry room.

Not only is this laundry detergent made from a plant based formula, it is provides a true clean free from dangerous additives like optical brighteners, Sodium lauryl sulphate and synthetic fragrances. To learn more about those specific ingredients click here. It is also super heavily concentrated to reduce packaging and shipping costs both in money and wasted natural resources.

I use it for everyone’s laundry in the house, including the baby. It’s incredibly gentle and still an awesome stain remover! If I have a particularly nasty stain, I always pretreat as soon as possible, but there hasn’t been anything in the past three years that it hasn’t been able to clean. To keep whites, whiter – try keeping them separate and washing in warm water. You can even let white clothing items soak with a few lemon slices in hot water for extra brightness. Or hang them outside on the clothes line to dry – the sun and citrus oil combination will provide a natural whitening effect.

To replace the dryer sheets, at first I just stopped using fabric softener and dryer sheets. That worked for me, I couldn’t care less about a little static. However, my husband finds the build up from #spicebaby’s fleece pjs just too much to handle, so we are tried some wool dryer balls with a little drop of Essential Oil on them for a nice scent. And they are amazing! Static free clothing that is soft and toxin free. Does it get any better??

It’s really as easy as that to get rid of one of the biggest contributors to the chemical stockpile that is in your home. Small things add up. Whether it is a little exposure to a cancer causing detergent or changing out one or two products in your home so that eventually your living space is a true sanctuary from the bombardment of toxins we encounter daily.

How do you get started?? Click here. I wholeheartedly recommend starting with a Premium Starter Kit. It has everything you need to get you started on a more natural, spice and plant based life style. Looking to make a big change all at once? There is also a starter kit with all things Thieves! Enough to swap out every single cleaning product from your bathroom to your laundry room.

If you have any questions, would like help ordering or just want to chat natural cleaning – message me! I’m available through instagram, facebook, twitter and email. I can’t wait to chat with you.

Love & Spices,

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