Ookie Monster

This was a good week for my little Spice Baby.

The most important reason for the recent changes to Cardamom & Cloves was a need for my little one to spend her entire day with her peers. She is what her speech therapist calls a “non-verbal communicator”. Meaning that she goes out of her way not to use words. She has lots of other ways to communicate with us – but words are not her thing. Yet.

Sending her to daycare wasn’t in our budget. Ask a current caregiver, and they will let you know that full time child care is no cheap thing. This led me to opening a home daycare in November. Now I have other little ones that come spend the day with Spice Baby. Reading, singing, eating, playing and TALKING! Their weird little baby talk, but children have a way of learning from each other that can’t be replicated by parent’s lessons alone.

Yesterday she broke out a brand new word. Ookie. It took a lot of prompting, patience, peer examples and obviously a cookie bribe, but a new word for SB is a big victory. It also confirmed that this change was best for our family.

While I miss the daily order filling and retail side of Cardamom & Cloves, I’m so grateful to be able to keep connecting with you and sharing my love of spices. I’m also thrilled to be able to have the time share more of myself, my family and our journey to a happier, healthier life.

Thank you for being here.

Try this diffuser blend next time you need a little reward and a reminder to trust your intuition.

Oatmeal Cookie Diffuser Blend
2 drops cinnamon
2 drops cedar wood
3 drops tangerine or orange

Love & Spices,

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