Home Made Mustard

Jessica Spengler

Photo via Flickr user Jessica Spengler

Homemade Mustard
Makes a 250ml jar

1/4 cup dry mustard powder
6 TBSP mustard seeds
3 TBSP vinegar of your choice
1/2 cup liquid of your choice
2 tsp salt
1 TBSP optional flavour of your choice
2 TBSP of something sweet of your choice (sugar, honey, agave nectar, etc)
Pinch of turmeric

Combine all ingredients together in a 250ml jar – shake or stir until combined and let sit on your counter or in your fridge for 2 days. At this point you should taste and adjust seasoning (salt, pepper and sweetness) – you can also blend the mustard now for a smoother texture.

Remember the heat of the mustard seeds will lessen with time – if you find it too spicy, try leaving it for a couple more days or adding more sweetness.

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