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Make sure you sign up for our newsletter to be the first to find out about upcoming workshops, events and pop ups! What's a pop up? It's a temporary shop set up for a limited time for you to browse, explore or shop for spices in person. We will be holding them in different locations around Ottawa and surrounding area.

What do we bring with us to shows? A variety of spice blends in easy to test out sample sizes! I'm afraid we do not offer pick up of online orders at pop up shops. 

We currently have no pop ups scheduled. 


This month's workshop: Classic Tourtiere
UPDATE: FEBRUARY 1 starting at 12:15pm 
To join the class simply visit our Facebook page at the above date and time and you will be able to watch live as well as ask questions and comment! Click here. 

You can pick up a selection of our spice blends at the following locations:

Pot & Pantry
244 Elgin Street, Ottawa

Gourmet World
1984 Regent Street, Sudbury


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