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Cardamom & Cloves is the brainchild of Jodi Samis, former author of the popular Simply Fresh Ottawa food blog. Jodi has been an active and enthusiastic member of the Ottawa food scene for over a decade. A graduate of Ottawa University, she’s worked in several restaurants, done her turn as a barrista, and served as event manager and tour guide for one of Ottawa's favourite cooking schools, C’est Bon Cooking.

The path to becoming Ottawa’s spice maven has taken Jodi around the world. She’s travelled extensively, sampling foods and flavours throughout North America, Europe, Asia, Iceland and the Caribbean. Recently becoming a new mother has allowed her to start a new kind of food discovery with her daugher. These life journeys have reinforced her passion for fresh, locally produced food and dishes made with fresh flavour and love.  

With Cardamom & Cloves, Jodi has started an online community of spice lovers and those with adventurous taste buds and those who hunger for better tasting food.