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Basil Leaf

7.25 CAD

Grown organically in California, USA, the basil plant is originally native to India, and is best known for the scent and flavor that it imparts to Italian cuisine. The varieties of basil are nearly endless, but the herb is generally sweet, slightly minty and slightly peppery. Basil grown in this region of the US has a particularly deep flavour and has become a varietal in its own right. 

Basil is well known for its sweet aroma and the fresh, delicious flavor that it lends to food and is the one of most popular herbs in the country. This aromatic dried basil is delicious in Italian and French cooking especially in combination with tomatoes and garlic.  It is traditionally used to spice up pasta, meat, soups and sauces. Basil is best added at the end of cooking as the intense heat will quickly deteriorate its characteristic taste and aroma

59 ml  - sold in resealable, air tight, rice paper bags.
Organically sourced in Cailfornia.